The Dumbest Movie and TV Props You’ll Ever See (7 Pics)

5th Element

In the 5th Element, they use a common combination lock with a light on it for a bomb. Works well!

Terra Nova

In the TV show “Terra Nova,” the guns are just nerf guns painted black! Too funny…

Star Trek

Star Trek got very unimaginative when they stuck a horn on a dog and called it an “alien animal.” Seriously?

Star Wars

During the evacuation of cloud city, there’s a guy running down a hallway with what appears to be an ice cream maker. Fans loved him, and he even got his own back story AND action figure.

Star Wars

When Liam Neeson speaks into his communication device, it’s really just a lady’s razor. Hilarious…

Back To The Future 2

Back To The Future 2 has a reactor that turns trash into fuel. But it’s really just a coffee grinder…

Star Wars

Star Wars used the back of a microphone to create a droid. Yeah, that’s a little obvious…

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